Traditional handpoke tattoo


Vijay Soni is a magnificent tattoo artist with a great eye for detail. Vijay has been tattooing for more than 9 years using a traditional and unique technique of handpoking with crystals and gemstones. Getting a tattoo with Vijay is a ritual and can be a healing experience. Scroll down for his work.

Beautiful and delicate design of a lotus flower, wheel of life and arrows.

Dharamsala, India | 2016

Snake tattoo

Goa, India | 2017

Before and after photo of a tattoo for Micha. This redesign changed the whole energy of this tattoo, making it more delicate and more feminine.

Goa, India | 2017

Chakra tattoo on the lower arm. All seven chakras are illustrated in the tattoo with an extension to the upper part of the arm. A flowing and feminine tattoo done with hand poking technique.

Dharamsala, India | 2016

A small bird handpoke tattoo located on the foot with shadowing.

Paris, France | 2014

Handpoke tattoo with a lotus flower and small details. Delicate and feminine work.

Goa, India | 2017